New Arrivals Maria.B Premium Collection

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    New Arrivals Maria.B Premium Collection Maria B 667: A Symphony of Prints and Embroidery

    Maria B 667 unveils a fusion of printed finesse and intricate embroidery, creating an ensemble that effortlessly blends tradition with modern aesthetics. This attire, meticulously crafted with attention to detail, is a testament to Maria B’s commitment to offering contemporary yet culturally rich designs.

    Printed Lawn Front: A Canvas of Artistry

    The shirt’s front serves as a canvas for artistic expression, featuring a captivating printed lawn adorned with fully heavy direct embroidery. The neckline steals the spotlight with its intricate embroidered work, creating a focal point that draws attention to the wearer’s visage. The heavy embroidered daman boarder further enhances the allure of the ensemble, showcasing Maria B’s mastery in combining various embellishments seamlessly.

    Printed Lawn Back and Sleeves: Harmonious Elegance

    The back of the shirt continues the printed lawn theme, ensuring a harmonious visual appeal. The sleeves, adorned with embroidered cuff patches, introduce a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Maria B 667 strikes a balance between the vibrant prints and the subtlety of the embroidered details, creating a cohesive and elegant look.New Arrivals Maria.B Premium Collection.

    Chiffon Printed Dupatta: Sheer Grace

    The ensemble is crowned with a chiffon printed dupatta, adding an element of sheer grace. The choice of chiffon introduces fluidity and movement to the outfit, creating a delightful interplay of textures. The print on the dupatta complements the overall theme, contributing to the ensemble’s visual coherence.New Arrivals Maria.B Premium Collection.

    Self-Printed Cambric Trouser: Understated Elegance

    The self-printed cambric trouser serves as the perfect base, offering understated elegance to balance the vibrant prints and heavy embroideries on the upper garment. This thoughtful pairing ensures that each element contributes to a well-rounded and visually appealing ensemble.

    Fabric Details: A Symphony of Textures

    Maria B 667’s fabric details reveal a meticulous selection of materials, including a blend of 90×70/80×60 for the shirt, chiffon for the dupatta with 19 picks, and a self-printed cambric trouser with dimensions of 70×72/40×52. This harmonious blend of textures adds depth and richness to the ensemble.

    In Maria B 667, every detail tells a story, creating a narrative of contemporary sophistication infused with traditional charm. It invites the wearer to step into a world where prints and embroideries converge to celebrate the diversity of design.


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