New Arrivals Maria.B Fancy Collection

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    New Arrivals Maria.B Fancy Collection Maria B 661: A Fusion of Print and Embroidery Mastery

    Maria B continues to set the standard for innovative and trendsetting designs with the introduction of the new catalog in 2024. Among the most sought-after designs is Article MPT-1810A/B-23, a true testament to Maria B’s ability to seamlessly blend printed fabrics with intricate embroidery.

    Printed Lawn Front:

    The design begins with a captivating printed lawn front that serves as the canvas for a masterpiece. The artistry of Maria B is evident in the meticulous selection of prints that adorn the front. The embroidered neckline becomes a focal point, introducing a touch of opulence to the ensemble. The choice of prints reflects a keen understanding of contemporary fashion while staying true to the brand’s ethos.

    Harmonious Back Design:

    Complementing the printed lawn front is a thoughtfully designed printed lawn back. Maria B ensures a harmonious flow of prints, creating visual continuity that captures attention from every angle. The back, while understated, serves as a crucial component of the overall design, contributing to the balance and cohesiveness of the ensemble.New Arrivals Maria.B Fancy Collection.

    Embroidered Sleeves Bunches:

    Printed lawn sleeves take center stage with heavy embroidered sleeves bunches. Maria B skillfully incorporates embroidery, elevating the sleeves to a level of sophistication that is synonymous with the brand. The combination of prints and embroidery creates a dynamic contrast, showcasing the brand’s ability to play with textures and visual elements.

    Printed Chiffon Dupatta:

    The ensemble is crowned with a printed chiffon dupatta, a signature element in Maria B designs. The dupatta features carefully curated prints that mirror the aesthetic of the front and back. The artful blend of colors and patterns in the chiffon dupatta adds a layer of elegance, completing the overall look with finesse.New Arrivals Maria.B Fancy Collection.

    Embroidered Trouser Lace:

    Maria B pays attention to every detail, including the trouser. A printed cambric trouser becomes a canvas for embroidered trozer lace, introducing a touch of embroidery to the lower part of the ensemble. This thoughtful addition ties together the entire look, creating a cohesive and well-rounded design.


    Maria B 661 is a masterpiece that encapsulates the brand’s commitment to innovation and excellence. The fusion of printed lawn, intricate embroidery, and a printed chiffon dupatta results in a design that is not just a garment but a contemporary work of art. This ensemble, with its harmonious blend of elements, reaffirms Maria B’s position as a leader in the world of fashion.


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