Latest Imrozia 215 bridal collection

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Front net heavy zari work embroidery 🧵 with sequence work & cutwork daman & stone hand work

Back net heavy zari embroidery 🧵 with sequence work cutwork daman & stone hand work

Sleeves net heavy embroidery 🧵 with stone hand work & cutwork

Net embroidery 🧵 dupatta with 4 side heavy embroidery 🧵 border with & tussels attached

Front net body heavy embroidery with ADDA WORK

Back net body heavy embroidery 🧵 with zari work

Silk trouser included

Front & back body west 24”

Front & back body length 19”

Front & back length 52”

Front & back waist 104”

Total 10 kaliyan

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    Ethereal Embroidery Symphony: Unveiling the Intricacies of the Front Net Ensemble

    Step into a world of enchantment with the Front Net Ensemble, a masterpiece that marries intricate craftsmanship with timeless elegance. Each detail of this ensemble has been meticulously curated, creating a visual symphony that captures the essence of sophistication.Latest Imrozia 215 bridal collection

    **Frontal Opulence: Zari Work, Sequence, and Cutwork Daman**

    The front of the ensemble is a canvas of opulence, adorned with heavy zari work embroidery, delicate sequence work, and a cutwork daman. The addition of stone handwork adds a touch of glamour, creating a harmonious blend of textures and embellishments. The result is a front that is not just adorned but transformed into a work of art.Latest Imrozia 215 bridal collection

    **Back Beauty: Zari Embroidery, Sequence, and Cutwork Daman**

    Mirroring the extravagance of the front, the back is equally embellished with heavy zari embroidery, sequence work, and a cutwork daman. The stone handwork adds a subtle shimmer, ensuring that every exit is as captivating as the entrance. The meticulous attention to detail extends to every inch of the ensemble.

    **Sleeve Poetry: Net Embroidery, Stone Handwork, and Cutwork**

    The sleeves become a poetic expression of elegance, featuring net embroidery, stone handwork, and delicate cutwork. Each element contributes to the overall grace, ensuring that the sleeves are not just functional but an integral part of the ensemble’s narrative.

    **Dupatta Delight: Net Embroidery with Tussels and Heavy Border**

    The net embroidery extends to the dupatta, creating a delightful visual feast. The four-sided heavy embroidery border adds a frame of sophistication, and the tussels attached provide a playful element. The result is a dupatta that complements the ensemble in both grace and grandeur.

    **Front Net Body Magic: Heavy Embroidery with ADDA WORK**

    The magic continues with the heavy embroidery and ADDA WORK on the front net body. The intricate details elevate the ensemble, creating a focal point that demands attention. Every stitch is a stroke of craftsmanship, making the front net body a true work of art.

    **Silken Sophistication: Silk Trouser Included**

    Completing the ensemble is a silk trouser that adds a touch of understated sophistication. The simplicity of the trouser allows the focus to remain on the elaborate detailing of the net ensemble, ensuring a well-balanced and refined look.

    In conclusion, the Front Net Ensemble is not merely clothing; it is a celebration of artistry and elegance. From the meticulous embroidery to the thoughtful inclusion of stone handwork and cutwork, each element weaves a narrative of timeless beauty. Step into a world where every detail matters, and every thread contributes to the symphony of sophistication.


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