Hira Mani Party Wear Collection

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    Hira Mani Party Wear Collection Hira Mani 662: Elegance Redefined in Party Wear Master Replica

    Introducing the Hira Mani 662 party wear dress master replica – a mesmerizing ensemble that exudes grace, sophistication, and intricate craftsmanship. Now ready to deliver, this dress promises to make a statement at any special occasion.

    Fabric Overview: The dress features a complete net frock paired with a silk trouser, creating a harmonious blend of textures. The choice of fabric reflects a commitment to quality and a dedication to providing a luxurious wearing experience.

    Embroidery Details:

    Heavy Front Embroidery with Mirror Work & Pearls: The focal point of this ensemble is the heavily embroidered front body adorned with exquisite mirror work and delicately attached pearls. This meticulous craftsmanship creates a captivating visual appeal, making the dress a true work of art.

    Back Body Embroidery: The elegance extends to the back body, which is adorned with meticulous embroidery. The balance between the front and back embroidery ensures a cohesive and enchanting look from every angle.

    Front and Back Fully Embroidered with Sequence Work: A distinctive feature of this master replica is the use of sequence work on both the front and back, mirroring the original pattern. This adds a touch of glamour to the ensemble, creating a play of light and texture that captures attention.

    Embroidered Sleeves with Mirror Work and Lace: The sleeves, carefully embroidered on fabric, feature a subtle sequence work that enhances their visual appeal. Mirror work and lace detailing add a hint of sophistication, elevating the overall design.

    Silk Trouser: The ensemble is completed with a silk trouser that provides a perfect balance to the elaborate embroidery of the upper body. The trouser adds a touch of simplicity while allowing the embellished top to take center stage.Hira Mani Party Wear Collection.

    Heavy Sequence Net Embroidery Dupatta: The dress is crowned with a heavy sequence net embroidery dupatta, boasting a width of 156 inches with 12 kali. The dupatta adds a final layer of opulence, completing the look with finesse.

    Note: No Applic Work Needed: One of the standout features of this Hira Mani master replica is the absence of applic work. All the embroidery work is seamlessly crafted on the fabric, ensuring a high-quality finish and authentic design representation.Hira Mani Party Wear Collection.

    In conclusion, the Hira Mani 662 party wear dress master replica stands as a testament to the designer’s commitment to delivering excellence and timeless beauty. It is more than just an ensemble; it is an embodiment of sophistication and craftsmanship.


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